Nourished since his childhood of Oriental and Taoist traditions, Dr.Jean-Michel Été practices martial arts since his young age until obtaining the teaching of judo, Ju Jitsu and traditional kendo. After university studies, graduated from the Ecole Supérieure de Kinesitherapie de Paris, he continued his training in France & internationally. In his training, he studies Chinese traditional medicine, allowing him to create his own protocols & methods of care to create a relationship between the physical, the emotional and the memory. Expert in holistic healing through French Osteopathy, Medical Physiotherapy, and Chinese medicine, specifically acupuncture, Tuina & Qi Gong. Specializing in Stress & Pain Management.

Dr.Jean-Michel Été

Dr.Jean-Michel Été holds a Doctorate degree in Osteopathy, and a Master's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In addition to be a licensed Acupuncturist, he is Board Certified in Acupuncture by the prestigious National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)®.            

Dr. Jean-Michel Été is a Master Practitioner who strives to assist his patients in achieving their optimum health potential. Over the years he has forged a unique and powerful form of holistic healing, combining Osteopathy, Medical Physiotherapy, and Chinese Medicine; specifically, Acupuncture, Tuina, and Qi Gong. 

Dr.Jean-Michel  Été  Holistic  approach  and  expertise    in  Biological  Decoding  and    Somato Emotional  Release  (SER)  therapy  technique,  allow  him  to  identify  emotional  blockages  to wellness,  and  to  treat  disharmonies  in  musculoskeletal,  visceral,  and  emotional  systems,  as well as to help patients with Auto immune conditions. In each session, Dr.Jean-Michel  Été  artfully  integrates  several  techniques  learned  around  the world  and  perfected  during  over  thirty  years  of  experience.  He has practiced Integrative Medicine in France and has had the privilege to accompany and work with some of the most famous artists in the world.   

After a successful career in Paris, he has now established his practice in Manhattan NY, where he treats an international patient base from his office in NOMAD.  Furthermore, Dr.  Jean-Michel Été conveniently offers home visits for patients requiring the highest level of privacy while expecting the best care provided with utmost professionalism.


  • Ecole Supérieure de Kinesitherapie de Paris - France - Medical Physiotherapist

  • College Superieure d' Ostéopathie Atman / EPCEO Paris- France - Osteopathic Doctor

  • Pacific College Oriental Medecine - Board Certified - Licensed Acupuncturist, Diplomate in National Certification Commission of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) USA NYS